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Expert Supervision Promotes the in-depth Extension of "New Fundamental Education" Experiment

From April 22 to 24, Professor Li Zhengtao and Professor Xu Dongqing, members of the "new foundation education" expert panel, came to Guangming New District to carry out the second round of the classroom teaching seminars in this semester. Chief of the scientific research center, research staff, principals, project team members, and teachers of five experimental schools attended this event.

Professor Li Zhengtao went to Guangming Primary School, Experimental School, Ai Hua Primary school and Changzhen Primary School for classroom teaching observation and evaluation. He made constructive comments on the classroom teaching of Chinese language. Professor Li gave full affirmation to the efforts and progress of the teachers who participated in this experiment. From the height of the "new foundation education" theory, he made in-depth review towards the problems reflected in the teachers' classroom teaching, and pointed out research direction for the "new basic education" of Chinese language in this 5 experimental schools.

In just two and a half days, Professor Xu Dongqing supervised five experimental schools, and attended 10 seminar classes. He pointed out that: experiment teachers should make full use of the renewable resources of classroom, carry out deep thinking on research direction, improve the setting of teaching goals, stimulate students’ interest in learning, and enhance their sense of accomplishment.
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