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Education and Health Party Committee Official of the New District Leads a Team to Investigate the Party Construction of Schools

From April 16 to May 5, Zeng Yuzhong, vice secretary of Education and Health Party Committee of Guangming New District, led a team to the Senior High School, Experimental School, Guangming Middle School, Gongming No.1 Primary School, Dongzhou Primary School and other schools to investigate their Party construction.

The investigation team listened to the reports on the school Party construction work given by the head of each Party organization at grass-roots level, and solicited the schools’ opinions on the 2015 primary-level party construction task of the New District Education and Health Party Committee. Comrade Zeng pointed out that, each school Party organization shall effectively utilize its political leading function, combine closely with the realities of education and teaching to carry out the Party construction task, give play to the role of famous teachers, the communist youth league, and the Party members, lead the school development, and promote the grade of schooling. This is the treasure and power source of the development of school. At the investigation symposium, comrade Zeng set forth the relationship between the school administration and branch. He stressed that, to play an exemplary vanguard role of party members, enhance the Party member awareness and Party spirit cultivation, the Party construction work must be practical. He required the schools to fully play the fight fortress function of Party organizations and the vanguard exemplary role of Party members, and drive the improvement of school central tasks with the Party construction work.

This year, the New District Education and Health Party Committee plans to launch a series of Party construction activities at the grass-roots level of Party organizations. Guided by the "Party front-tier stat posts", based on the organization construction, thought construction, style construction, Party conduct construction and system construction, the activities will solve difficult problems, and build an honest, responsible, and practical team of cadres for the public.

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