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Report on the 2015 Professional Ability Training of School CYL Team Cadres

On the morning of May 7, organized by the Guangming New District Public Career Bureau, the "Guangming New District 2015 professional ability training of school CYL team cadres" activity was held at Shenzhen Yuxin School. More than 50 people, including the CYL committee secretaries and team counselors of each primary and middle school in the New District attended the training.

The Guangming New District Public Career Bureau attached great importance to this training activity. Comrade Zeng Yuzhong, vice secretary of the Education and Health Party Committee, specially made an important talk titled as “The Youth and our country” to the team cadres. At the meeting, comrade Zeng also pointed out that the team cadres should have "confidence" in aspects: namely confidence in road, confidence in theory, and confidence in system. The talk of "Three-confidence" inspired the team cadres’ love towards the Party and the country, and raised the theoretical level and professional qualities of the team cadres.

Guo Guowu, officer of education department , arranged the tasks of the New District team. From the three aspects of "looking back", "based on the present", and "facing the future", he broadened the schools’ team work with new ideas and new methods, and made management planning for the moral education of the New District with a "top-level design" of "1+1+3" management mode.

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