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Explore in Meditation and Grow in Reflection

From April 28 to 30, Professor Wu Yaping and Professor Bu Yuhua from East China Normal University came to Guangming New District to carry out this semesterr’s second round of classroom teaching seminars of "new foundation education" for subjects of English and Math. Chief  of scientific research center, research staff, and the principals, project team members, and teachers of five experimental schools attended this event.

During the event, Professor Wu Yaping and Professor Bu Yuhua successively went to Guangming Primary School, Experimental School, Ai Hua Primary school and Changzhen Primary School and visited 10 lessons for Math and English, respectively. First, each school held two seminars that applied the concept of "new foundation education", and then the instructing teachers reviewed their experiment classes. Afterwards, the experimental teachers from brother schools, as well as research staff would combine with the theory of "new foundation education" to carry out communication and discussion, and put forward suggestions. As to the teachers’ exchange, the two professors gave detailed review and guidance, pointed out issues which require attention in the research of the class type, and put forward sound teaching suggestions.

     The guidance of the two professors helps the teachers explore in meditation and grow in reflection. And the discussion activities also promote the team consciousness and cooperation consciousness of each school’s discipline group. During the group lesson preparation and tempering, and under the direction of experts and colleagues in the course evaluation, the Guangming New District’s teachers participated in the experiment have greatly improved their professional capabilities.
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