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Guangming New District Holds the School Traffic Safety Symposium

On the morning of April 8, Public Career Bureau, together with the Guangming traffic police brigade, Bureau of Transport, held the New District Traffic Safety Symposium at  Experimental School. A total of 68 people attended the meeting, including relevant staff from the education department, Guangming traffic police brigade, Guangming Bureau of Transport, vice principals of each public school (primary school and middle school) in charge of safety, security director, and security team leader, etc.

At the meeting, each vice principal in charge of safety made a summarization talk on strengthening the respective school’s safety management and traffic dispersion outside the school when the class is over, and put forward suggestions on the existing problems of hidden dangers. Officials from Guangming traffic police brigade and Guangming Bureau of Transport corresponded on how to direct the traffic of campus and improve the transportation facilities, etc. Gao Weibo, head of the Education department, stressed at the meeting that: each primary and middle school attach great importance to the safety management outside the school after the class is over, actively cooperate with the traffic police and transport department to implement the traffic management and guidance surrounding the campus, and ensure the safety of teachers and students on their way to/from school.

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